• Strato Automation Aspires to Increase International Visibility

    August 16, 2012 - Joins BACnet International Seeking to Enter the ‘Major Leagues’ by Certifying Products

    STRATO Automation is proud to have recently joined the BACnet International organization as a manufacturer of Building Automation Systems (BAS). Our range of products has shown its ability on diverse installations and will be soon ready to enter the major leagues with ‘BTL’ certificated equipment. We consider that this new membership in BACnet International will have a positive impact to increase our visibility on the international scene and attract new BACnet Automation specialists to join at our Authorized Dealers Network,” stated Maxime Labrie, Business Development for STRATO Automation.

    As a silver member, STRATO Automation joins over 80 of the leading building automation vendors in the world in pursuing advancement of BACnet as a communication protocol.

    Press Release:

    For further information, please contact us,

    Maxime Labrie

    Business Development

    Ph.: (514) 687-1902, 203

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